Reverse Factoring

Pay your suppliers on day 1 and build a stronger business relationship.


Your supply chain booster

We pay your suppliers on day 1 and you pay us back in your usual payment terms. Get better prices, build stronger relationships and be open to even more supplier options.

Better relationship with suppliers

We pay them on day 1.

Minimum requirements

And faster approval than a bank.

Focus on your core activities

Rather than payment schedules or delays.

Improved cash flow

Forget advance payment before you get your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Invoices are paid to suppliers faster. Better prices for full payment upfront and more supplier options in companies that could previously not accept long payment terms. Happy suppliers = better business relationships.

If you usually take (for example) 30 days to pay a supplier, we can help you pay him from day 1. After your usual 30 days term passes, you pay us back plus a fee.

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