PO's Advance

Get financing for raw materials and supplies to fulfill outstanding purchase orders.


Never say "no" to a sale

We can cover the cost of any materials or goods you may need directly to your suppliers. Perfect for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and import/export companies.

No properties needed

We use the materials as collateral.

Tailor made

We build your credit around you.

Minimum requirements

And faster approval than a bank.

Profit booster

More sales = more money!

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as your client (the one issuing the PO) has good business credit you will be able to apply.

Your PO advance can be ready in 24 hours.

If you've been getting a lot of new clients or purchase orders and have been struggling to keep up with inventories or materials, this product it's what you've been searching for.

Just click on the “Apply Now” button! Soon one of our team members will reach out. Or you can call us at El Paso (915) 219-7708 or Dallas (214) 876 0504.

Apply for a PO advance today!

For more information about our services or to apply, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email, or by visiting our office!