Equipment Financing

Grow your business with a loan tailored to your needs.
Ideal for purchasing equipment, buildings, inventory,
vehicles and expansion.


Accelerate your business
with Blu Capital

Don’t let your growth stop because of a lack of funds. Receive a loan tailored for your business and unlock your full potential. We understand just how important access to capital is, so we bridge the gap between our clients and their business goals and aspirations.

Grow your business

Use your loan for any investment or operating needs.

Collateral is not necessary

If you don’t have collateral
you’re still eligible for a loan.

Minimum requirements

Less requirements than a bank and faster approval times.

Tailored for you

We analyze your business and provide a personalized solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can’t use it for starting a new company or for any expense not related to your business.

From $20,000 to $10 million dollars, depending on your financial circumstances.

We won’t ask you for collateral in most cases.

We will give you a defined amount of money. It will be paid in monthly fixed payments for a term up to 36 months.

Just click on the “Apply Now” button! Soon one of our team members will reach out. Or you can call us at El Paso (915) 219-7708 or Dallas (214) 876 0504.

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At Blu Capital, we specialize in giving business owners more financial tools to reach their goals. If your business is in need of a business loan or if you simply have more questions, please reach out to our team today!